how to
            stay hard for a long time


How to Improve and Prolong Sex

Ways to maintain a Hardon as long as you like

Natural Techniques and Exercises To Stay Harder Longer

If you are looking for a longer lasting erection, these techniques should help…

Cardio to Improve Circulation

Cardiovascular activity will greatly improve the circulation throughout your body.
This improved circulation will benefit your erections, and allow you to not only achieve erections quicker, but that stay harder longer
than you usually do.
Intense cardio is not necessary, but cardio on a regular basis is. As a matter of fact, you don’t want to OVERdo the cardio,
as that may reduce your testosterone levels.
All you really need is a run around the block once or twice, a few times a

All you really need is a run around the block once or twice, a few times a week, and that’s a good enough start.

Sleep Well

Getting a full night of sleep recharges your testosterone levels all the way, and boosts your circulation as well…
ever notice how your flaccid penis is larger when waking up after a full night’s sleep, compared to a bad night’s sleep?
This is due to the improved circulation.
It makes a major difference in your mood as well, allowing you to get and stay mentally horny, longer…
a stronger mental arousal will allow you to keep an erection longer.
Stress, fear and doubt increase when you haven’t slept well, and can really be “mood killers”.


Numerous studies have shown that performing kegels for a few weeks in a row greatly improves erectile function,
and can even reverse erectile dysfunction in many cases.
It is important that you properly isolate the PC muscle, and don’t allow neighboring muscles to jump in.
Also, hold down the pc squeeze for as long as possible.
After a good kegel session, the base of your penis should look thicker / larger.For some

After a good kegel session, the base of your penis should look thicker / larger.
For more advanced erection strengthening exercises, including manual exercises for harder, longer-lasting erections, see here…


Studies have shown that acupuncture is an effective and proven way to improve erection quality in men with moderate ED.
Only a couple of sessions a week are necessary, but the effects are long-lasting. Many insurances now cover acupuncture
visits. Using It On a Regular Basis - Gaining an Erection and Ejaculating
If you don’t regularly become aroused, erect, and ejaculate, than your penis will become “out of shape”.

It needs to be used on a regular basis. It needs to get used to the process of becoming physically aroused,
and the reward it receives from orgasm. Then it will be trained.
If you don’t do this, then you will have an erection that is not as responsive to arousing stimuli, and will
not stay erect long enough. If need be, watch porn for the extra mental and physical "jolt" of energy.
Follow these guidelines, and you will have a better responding, functioning, and longer-lasting erection,
all without the need for medication!

In medical terms You are considered "impotent" if you can not sustain an
erection for 75% of the time you have sex with your partner
be it vaginal, oral, anal, hand job or whatever turns you on.
What is the root of those weak or nonexistent erections?

Everyone is different and so are the causes of weak sexual performance.
For a portion of men it may be caused by a stressful life such as:
due to disease · Diseases like flu or more severe ones
              much stress · Too much stress or trouble in life
broken heart · A broken heart from someone who left you
too little sleep · Not enough sleep

For some men, especially gays, it may be caused by taking so called recreational drugs
such as ecstasy or speed, sometimes combined with too little sleep.
Besides that there are some hot guys who simply want:
more sex · More sex
better performance · Better sex performance
multiple ejaculation · Multiple ejaculations and erections
harder erections · Harder erections – that stay hard for a prolonged time
easier hard · Getting erections easier

If You feel that your lovemaking and sexual performance is not satisfactory
then the advice offered on Stay Hard Info may be the solution for you.

You will stay hard only with proper SEXUAL STIMULATION
If you are using any kind of heart-medication that contains nitrates
then you should never use Viagra© or its clones
because Sildenafil, the ingredient of Viagra interacts with nitrates
and causes low blood pressure which may be DANGEROUS
or even lethal in patients who take NITRATRE DRUGS to treat their heart disease.
POPPERS are NITRATES too, so STAY AWAY from them if you take Sildenafil Citrate.
But for others it is usually safe to use Original Viagra© or the much
cheaper alternative containing the same substance. See also
Coin Doubler
The most Fake Fags
use it too.
and then just break the pills in 2 with a knife or your teeth and then take half a pill
(about 25mg Sildenafil Citrate in half a pill).
Its effect will be there within half an hour.
Cialis works even faster and is now available as Soft Tabs too. Put it under your tongue and it will dissolve and act faster.
If you are "experienced" and already know you need the 50 mg or 100mg Sildenafil
Fag Gods

Before taking 'sex booster meds' you should consult your doctor especially if you have any trouble with the heart,
because INCREASED SEXUAL ACTIVITY means EXTRA WORK for that pump that never stops..

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