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"When I was 17 at one night I had a strange but wonderful experience with a friend.
It was the time of wild experiments with drugs. LSD and Marihuana were
out of reach for us so we tried "Dormutil" with Vodka. A crude mixture indeed.
It may have been dangerous as my friend got almost unconscious from it.
But he was sleeping for the first time with me. Yes, he WAS ACTUALLY SLEEPING.
Or he pretended to be sleeping. It will remain a secret forever. He has no
memory of what happened that night. He was not able to speak but he had
a beautiful and strong Hardon all night. And whenever I touched Him his
hands became alive and satisfied my desire for his pulsing warm hard piece of meat.
Many times. He did not ejaculate for the whole night and his manhood remained
strongly up all the time.

For 40 years I dreamed and phantazised about this night or, to be precise,
about this everlasting erection. Until I experienced it myself, at the age of 57.
This is - as you may know - an age where the penis gets a little flaccid
while in action. Normally it is. But then I tried the little blue helper
Silagra in my case.
It is a Generic Version of the wellknown ViagraŽ .
I am able to get a good erection without it but it will not last for long.
With these Sildenafil Citrate Pills
however I am able to Stay Hard all Night like my friend did when he was 17.
Well, I am a little bi and I like to experiment, even now. However I
would not recommend you this cocktail of "Dormutil" and Vodka because this
most likely is a dangerious combination. Sildenafil ( or ViagraŽ ) however
is clinically tested and pretty safe as long as you have no heart problems.
I got 16 pieces Standard Silagra for 48 $ (all included) from Viagra-Clones
Usually I take only half a pill (50 mg) as they are easily breakable.
Sometimes I add the other half after "round 1" is finished..."

We received this interesting mail from Mr. J.B.

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