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The most important thing in learning how to swim.........BREATHING !
Before you start with the exercises make sure that you are in a completely relaxed state.
To reach this kind of deep relaxation there are different ways. You may take a bath, listen
to calm or romantic music, do some yoga exercises, OR DO SOME PRANAYAMA BREATHING.
The exercises will only be successful if you practice them in this relaxed state, as they require no
great physical effort. On the contrary, it is more like caressing yourself (or your partner). It must
give you a nice feeling. Don't think about any intention when practicing. IT'S PLAYING!!!
Actually you must learn to play with your body. Thats the secret of success.
Never do any harsh action. Gradually you will learn how your sex muscles react to LESSER
physical action. In the end you will be able to get an erection "on demand", without Viagra !
Merely by wanting it.
Whatís the point? Besides better orgasms, the sexmuscle exercises can increase the enjoyment
of your partner. If a man has well-toned sex muscles the force of ejaculation is usually greater.
Also, contracting these muscles during vaginal or anal sex is often very pleasurable for your partner.
By relaxing these muscles before orgasm a man may be able to delay orgasm and continue sex for a
longer period of time. By contracting the muscles during orgasm, many men are able to have multiple
orgasms. During sex, both partners can contract and release their sex muscles to the delight of their partners.
The sexmuscles can also make for slow and intense sex. During penetration, after foreplay, or in the
middle of sex, try slowing down and experimenting with what is often called tantric sex. Donít engage in
penile thrusting; with the penis inside the vagina or anus, concentrate on slow, synchronized breathing
and constant eye contact. This can be a very intense and loving experience. With the penis inside

(remember no thrusting!), either partner can begin to slowly contract the sexmuscles. Try using the
same rhythm as your breathing and remember to maintain eye contact. This can be very physically
exciting as well as provide a subtile way to connect with your partner. With strong sex muscles,
it is possible for both men and women to orgasm in response to their partnersí movement of those muscles.

It takes practice and communication between partners, but it sure will be a lot of fun.

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So let's start now with the SEXercises


Lay down on a matress or bed. Apply some massage or baby oil on lingam and balls.
Bring the inactive or semi erect Lingam in a position upward the belly. First encircle both of
the testicles with all the fingers of one hand. After some time encircle each one seperately.
Massage gently now.
Touch the soace between the balls with your index finger. Slowly slide along this line. Notice the different feeling these exercises are giving.
Finally touch the balls with the palm of your hand and try to bring them in a position inside the
body. But dont use any force. If you are not able to direct them inside at this stage, dont worry.
These exercises should be repeated with slight variations for a number of days. Interchange with others given before, if you like.
Take your time and avoid any harsh action. Notice the difference in pleasure every exercise brings to your mind.

the physical exercises that increase performance and
control do not forget to do the more subtle exercises that deal with the
perception of the prana energies.

Physical Techniques:

Begin by learning the location of the pc muscles in order to develope and strengthen them.

This is done by consciously stopping the flow of the urine stream during urination.
Once you have a feel for these muscles you can begin to exercise them by contracting (squeezing)

and releasing them. It is not recommended that you continue to stop the urine flow,
once you have learned to exercise these muscles.
This is an important basic exercise. It can be done during almost any activity
that doesn' t require you to be moving about. 300 a day, done in groups of 50 to 100 is fine. Start slow and work up to more.

SEXercise 1
SEXercise 2
SEXercise 3
SEXercise 4
SEXercise 5
SEXercise 6
SEXercise 7
SEXercise 8
SEXercise 9
SEXercise 10
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These Sex Exercises for Men were first published in 1998 on the now defunct pages of

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