SEXercise 8

tumhare sansar me (part two)
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As far as possible make your mind idea-free. Try also to make your mind thought-fre. When you have obtained this state of fo being you can set further in the process of imagination.
Sit cool and collected on an asana for some time and fix your eye steadfastly in a certain direction.
If you feel little sleepy, lie down.Chant a short and easy to chant MANTRA, such as Ram-Ram or something short as this about a hundred times per minute (but do not count, as the exact no. is not important.) Then slow down the speed of chanting gradually to about 20 per minute (one MANTRA every 3 seconds). This will increase the gap between one Ram and the subsequent Ram. Make sure that no other thought crosses your mind at this time.
After some time your mind will and brain will be totally tired.Your eyes as a result , will feel rather heavy. This state is ideal for giving orders to your mind.
The power and effect of suggestion on the imagination is wonderful , and there is no question that
the suggestions given must be very well planned in advance!
So, before you start, think about what kind of suggestions you plan to give to yourself.. Start with simple suggestions like: I will more and more enjoy being touched. More with every breath , more with every stroke..

Gradually start to give more specific commands, concerning the state of arousal, the state of your genitals.
YOU must give the ORDERS. Avoid any situation where some suggestions are just coming from any source inside your mind.! YOU ARE THE MASTER. The mind is your slave. Make that very clear.
Think about your Ligam as a rocket just before take-off. Or think of the Lingam slowly being filled with some magic material strenghtening him and making him very, very hard, more and more...
Some masters of imagination actually can bring theirselves to orgasm without
their genitals touching or being touched.
If you feel insecure or frightened about those ideas, STOP! STOP! STOP!
As with any sharp and powerful tools there can be danger if used in the wrong manner!!!

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