imagination as tantric tool


SEXercise 7

IMAGINATION : tumhare sansar me
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This world is full of desires, sexual phantasies. You may use your imagination to create a "dream partner"
or imagine having sex with a person you would like to have with. On one hand it is a good means to train
your imagination, if imagination is not your stronghold. On the other hand you may get used to this attitude.
That's why I generally do NOT recommend doing this type of partner phantasy. But at times you may practice it.

A better thing however is to use DIRECT MESSAGES to your MIND. For this purpose SPECIFIC MANTRAS are used.
They proved to be most effective. If you are not familiar with Mantras or appropriate Mantras are not available
to you you may try short direct commands, orders. Like all orders formulate them short and easy to understand!
Use the language which mostly turns you on when being sexually aroused. Always use the same expression or the
same mantra. Use them many, many times. You will succeed in the end, no doubt!

For example give first the command:" I am horny now!"
Later followed by :"My Lingam will become bigger and harder with every breath I take!"
Imagine how your penis' size is increasing , endlessly...

Again: Mantras are better, but only if you are used to to these sounds,
as they have to be pronounced correctly, as the sound is very important.

Experiment. There is no ready solution available fitting for everybody.
But if you decided that one particular thing works best for you, don't change!

This SEXercise is working most easily for most people in the early morning hours before you woke up 100%...

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