Secret Ling Bandha Tantric Exercise

SEXercise 6
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Tighten your thumb and forefinger around the base of the shaft, pressing down on the
balls. This will cut off the blood (acting as an impromptu cock ring) and help you steady
the shaft in your hand. If the skin on it is slick and immutable, you can stroke the penis
with more friction, thereby enhancing the excruciating experience.

As you are stroking him, lightly pull on the wispy strands of pubic hair sprouting from his
testicles. Don't pull so hard that you remove them, but tease them gently, lovingly. This
will make him holler with delight and awe at your inventiveness.

Tickle his balls with one hand while the other jerks him up and down.

Use the hand that is currently unemployed to firmly but lovingly pat his inner thighs.

Place your fist against his perineum as you're stroking him. He'll probably start opening
his legs a little wider, giving you more space to press against.

As always, it is the psychological impact of what you are doing that makes the sex so
satisfying. Let your mind escape into the uncharted wilderness of fantasy. As a sexual
pioneer, it is your manifest destiny to explore the outer limits of your sensuality.

Hands alternate 'milking' up the penis, starting at the base and
working all the way up past the tip.

Rather than just grabbing the penis at the top, let his penis 'penetrate'
into your fist on each stroke. Before the head of his penis pops out of your hand, bring
the other hand up for the next penetration. This way it seems to him like he is penetrating
deeper and deeper into an infinite Yoni. Make sure you keep the penetration continuous
for best results. Try faster or slower to taste.

Use your open palm to swirl around the head, the way your tongue would lick an ice
cream cone. This sensitizes the head, and will make it get larger and turn (even more)
red. Try reversing direction for a surprise.

As in "The Palm Swirl", use your open palm on his glans, but stop at each "hour of the
clock", and make circular motions with your open palm. This will make this part of the
head EXTREMELY sensitive, so move to the next hour after a few circles.

Make a ring with your thumb and forefinger, and pump up and down with this ring.
When you get to the top, close the ring, then make him squeeze his way in as you slide
back down to the bottom.

Turn the head of his penis like a you're trying to open a door knob coated with grease.
 Now try turning the other way. Repeat.

Stroke only his shaft, ignoring the head. You will notice it swelling and turning red.
When it's bright red and rock hard, use the Door Knob, the Palm Swirl, or the Perpetual

Lightly and slowly run a finger up the under side of his Lingam. Ask him to tell you where
the most sensitive spot is. Pinch it, squeeze it, nibble it, tease it. This is a good spot to
pinch to turn a soft cock rock solid.

The mysterious G-SPOT

What is and where is the G-spot?
by unknown

1) The g-spot exists in all women.
2) sensitivity varies.
3) Reaction/interpretation/openness varies.

G-spot IS female analog to prostate. It really does exist.

The road map (can by used by a man/woman with a woman partner or a woman on

Start from the pubic bone, it is the bone running across the lower end of the abdominal
region -- between the thighs and a little above the clitoris and labia. The g-spot is behind
this bone -- so you need to find a way around to the other side. Fortunately, there is an
alternate approach in women -- up the vagina. The walls of the vagina are somewhat
wrinkly, a testimony to how much the vagina can stretch (say to the size of a baby's
head). On the forward surface there is a smoother patch in about 2 knuckles (1.5-3
inches, 3.5-7 cm.). If a woman was to lay her palm on top of her clitoris and curl a finger
(or fingers) in to the vagina in to a loose clench, the tips would be in the right region. The
g-spot is buried under some layers of tissue so it may take some pressure to stimulate this

Repeating some general hints.

     Arousal of the g-spot is usually is effective only if the woman is already sexually

     Sharp or long nails are  a big no-no.

     Some pressure may be necessary. Two fingers are usually employed -- esp. since
     few people use mechanical typewriters (which would give fingers strength and

     Initial sensations in the woman may be a) discomfort, an urge to urinate (the
     urethra from the bladder is being stimulated), or a pleasurable sensation.

     As stimulation continues (few minutes), the g-spot will begin to swell. "Continued
     stimulation of the area _may_ result in an orgasm that is often quite intense." [see
     above regarding being sexually aroused -- first. No arousal -- no orgasm].

     Ejaculation is possible, but the fluid is different from vaginal secretions and from

     This does not work for all women.

     For some women, this area may receive stimulus in penile- vaginal intercourse
     given the right angles. Rear entry ("doggie style") may facilitate penile pressure in
     this region.

    If the partner you are playing with is a man, you can try for a similar effect on his
     prostate entering through his anus -- Long or sharp nails are a big NO-NO. You
     might want to use a glove or condom over fingers.

     Note this can actually cause an ejaculation from a man without orgasm or an
     intense orgasm or something in between or nothing at all.

Female Ejaculation

How can females ejaculate?

Female ejaculation, once thought to be normal and a pleasurable part of female sexuality
came to be a symptom of the hysteric, the content of male fantasy, and the property of
pornographic woman.

To accept female ejaculation one has to accept sameness and the equality of male and
female bodies.

Both male and female bodies have prostate gland structures along the floor of the urethra
and have potential to ejaculate fluids during sexual stimulation.

The female body, can ejaculate fluid from 31 ducts, can with stimulation, ejaculate
repeatedly; and as well, can enjoy a plurality of genital pleasure sites; the clitoris, urethra,

Female ejaculation can serve only one purpose: Pleasure

Directions on how to ejaculate:


Find the muscle and spongy tissue around that part of your urethra that is inside your
vagina. It is about half a finger (more or less) inside your vagina and about a finger long
across-- about two inches. If the muscles that go around your vagina have not been used
much, they can be built up by doing contractions: pressing the top of your vagina against
the bottom and releasing. This is fun and you could have an orgasm or two. DON'T
WORRY: Strong muscles will not hold the penis in place; they will push it out when your
ducts get full and you want to shoot.


Take two or three fingers and rub them against the part of your urethra inside your
vagina. Press hard and notice the feeling of having to pee. You don't - this is the signal
that you are ready to ejaculate. Now, place the middle finger slightly below the external
part of your urethra and begin to masturbate the same way you rub your clit. As you are
doing this you will notice that the two ducts, one at each side of your urethra, feel full and
perhaps somewhat painful: you have another 29 ducts scattered over the top of your
vagina. They are located in a pyramid from your clit to just above your ovaries. Once you
get into the body feeling you will be able to locate them on the lower abdomen. (sounds
like the urinary bladder IMHO)


Take your other hand and press down on one or more of the ducts from the outside.
Push your urethra out and push the way you do when you pee. Liquid will come out --
perhaps in a steady stream or jet.

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