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What is the M-spot?

There's actually a *pair* of these "spots." You stimulate them from outside the body,
unlike the G-spot, which you get at from inside the vagina. These "M-spots" are on both
men and women!

They're not easy to find, and you've got to already be somewhat sexually aroused, I think,
or it won't feel like anything.

Stand up. Take your shirt and pants off. Put your hands on your hips. Now, feel how
your hands are resting on a big "shelf" of bone? That's your pelvic bone. Grip that bone,
and get a feel for the shape of it in that area. Now, concentrate on where the tips of your
fingers are. Feel around that area. Relax your stomach muscles completely. (Try sitting
down if it helps you relax that area.) If you have big hands, or a small waist, your
fingertips are probably already on "the spots." Otherwise, move your hands forward,
around towards the front of you a little bit, until you find the edge of that bone, on both
sides. Now reach around that ridge of bone, pressing in on the sides of your tummy. Dig
in with your fingertips. That's it! They're *right* on the edge of that bone, off the insides
of it, not off the top of it. Your fingertips should be somewhere just below and to the
sides of your belly-button.

I can't describe it any better than that. It's probably easier to find if your partner does the
searching, instead. If you look for the spots yourself, you could be pressing right in them
and not know it, because it's like trying to tickle yourself -- it just doesn't work.

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Get naked with your partner, do some normal foreplay for a while, and get to where
you're really ready for sex. Then have your partner stand behind you, and have him/her
put their hands on your hips, as if you were, then proceed as given above. If they push
and poke around in that area long enough, they're bound to find the spots. They might end
up just tickling you to death, though.  (If it tickles, they're not pressing hard enough.)

When they do find your M-spots, you will KNOW IT. You will feel a fire light up inside
you. Within moments, you will want to turn around and kiss your partner so hard they
suffocate. It is VERY intense. It's kind of uncomfortable, at first, and you can't take it
for very long.

Experiment and enjoy...

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