tantra for 2 partners


      SEXercise 3
   SAMA - RASA   (same emotion)   or :
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  This is an SEXercise for 2 partners, preferable both male.
Sit close to each other. Relax.
Listen to each others breathing and synchronize it. Beath slowly and deeply, but naturally.
Start the SEXercises with some clothes losely on. Later you may remove the clothes gradually.
Do as you desire. First sit in front of each other to make sure you will notice your partners breath.
Gradually come closer together , until the distance between your mouths

is 1 inch or less. But Do not kiss ! Simply synchronize your breathing for a while. Look into
your partners eyes.
After a while start gentle touching. But remain in a position to gaze in each others eyes.
Alternately close your eyes. Play some games with your eyes if you feel like that. (Opening
and closing at changing intervals or something like that.) Don't look at any other part of your partner.
For the time being only his / her eyes are important. Hold each others Lingam (Yoni).

Feel the slightest movements. Press Him in breathing intervals gently with your hand surrounding the shaft.
Do it together, at the same moment, at different times. Note the slightest variations and feelings of your partner.
As you synchronize your movements, you will notice that you gradually also will synchronize your emotions, your feelings.

It' s a great experience.
After some practice you may try to synchronize small movements of your Lingam even
without touching each other. Do this at the same time and alternatively, now watching each others Lingam.

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