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This is a simplified form of the classical Vajroli mMudra revealed to the Western world by one of
the greatest living exponents of Tantra, Swami Satyananda Saraswati of Monghyr, India.
KEY: vajroli mudra involves urethral sphincter closure exactly as when you cut off the flow of urine in midstream while voiding.

Preliminary awareness training: drink several pints of water on an empty stomach. An hour later, empty the bladder,
practising cutting off and re-starting the urine flow at least a dozen times until the bladder is fully drained.

Step 1: Sit erect in any comfortable position, hands palm up on the thighs.
Step 2: Focus attention on the urethral sphincter, below the clitoris in women and at the base of the penis (near the pubic bone) in men.
Step 3: Inhale half-lungful of air, swallow and retain breath.
Step 4: Contract urethral orifice exactly as when cutting off urine flow and at same time pull up lower abdomen as if attempting to
suck genitals into pelvis. Relax contraction and repeat as many times as possible on that breath, allowing feeling of sexual excitement to spread up spinal cord from pelvis to brain.

Step 5: Cease contractions, relax abdomen, take in a sniff of fresh air and then smoothly exhale fully.
Auxiliary check exercise:
WOMEN: gently insert one or two fingers in the vagina and perform vajroli mudra. When done correctly, contractions should spread, causing the vagina to clasp the fingers gently.
MEN: perform vajroli mudra standing naked in front of a mirror. Watch to check that the head of the penis twitches or elevates slightly with each contraction.

1. Tones urethral sphincter, preventing and curing (in early stages) urinary stress incontinence.
2. Sends blook flush stimulating uro-genital system in both men and women.
3. WOMEN: encourages clitoral sensitivity. MEN: encourages erectile potency.
4. Awakens swadhisthana (abdominal) chakra.

Mula bandha (SEXercise 1) should be followed by Vajroli Mudra daily, beginning with ten repetitions of each, adding five additional repetitions a week
until a maximum of sixty rounds each is performed a day. One round equals completion from the first step to last. Note that some people will achieve
better control with three quarters of a lunful of air or even full lungs rather than the suggested half breath. The sniff of air in the final step of each exercise
is a pranayama device designed by Swami Satyananda Saraswati to give instant relief after kumbhaka (breath retention) and permit a controlled, full exhalation.

Mula bandha and vajroli mudra develop pelvic thrust ability in the male and penis-gripping power in the female, enhancing sensitivity and control during intercourse for both sexes.

The Biggest MYTH is that You Have to Be Gifted,
Chosen, or Practice an Occult System for Years to
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