mula bandha

Love is the essence of all Tantra.
That includes self-love. Relax, trust, and enjoy.
Treat yourself as a tenderly passionate lover would.
That Lover is within and honors you, to exactly who and where you are now. Be playful,
be gentle, be and do whatever helps you trust and feel your Innocence.

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This is a perimeum or pelvic contraction lock that begins at the anal sphincter and spreads forward to the genitals.
KEY: The correct feeling of anal locking may be understood by recalling the sensation induced by holding back the passage of stool from the bowel or retaining an enema.

Step 1: Sit erect in any comfortable position, hands palm up on thighs
Step 2: Focus attention on anal region, beginning with awareness of floor or chair exerting pressure up against buttocks and then pinpoint consciousness upon anus.
Step 3: Inhale half-lungful of air, swallow and retain breath.
Step 4: Slowly contract anus to maximum while continueing to hold breath. N.B. Breath is retained throughout up to step six.
Step 5: WOMEN: spread pelvic floor contraction forward from anus until distinct twitch is felt in vaginal lips.

MEN: spread pelvic floor contraction forward from anus until distinct pull is felt upon testicles resting in scrotal sac.
Step 6: Release pelvic contraction completely, take in a sniff of fresh air and then smoothly exhale fully.

1. Tones anal sphincters, preventing and curing (in early stages) haemorrhoids and anal pruritus.
2. Sends blook flush stimulating the uro-genital system in both men and women
3. WOMEN: tightens slack vaginal walls and reduces tendency towards so-called frigidity or orgasmic impairment.
MEN: reduces tendency for premature ejaculation and impotence.

4. Awakens muladhara (root) chakra

These exercises are from the book: "Ecstasy through Tantra" by Jonn Mumford.

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