stay hard as log as you like

How to Stay Hard as Long as you Like
Info for Men with Premature Ejaculation

Sexuality is a powerful force in our lives whether we like it or not.
Our habits can imprison us. This happens when we experienced Premature Ejaculation for a number of times.

Be an Ejaculation Master

To overcome it You have to Restart from Scratch. Restart Your Sexlife Now. Forget All You think You Know about Sex. Realize that You know Nothing about Sex. That may sound Foolish at first, but without that realisation you will fail. Be ready for a new perspective and You will be Highly Rewarded with Long Lasting Pleasure.

Ready ? Fine. Don't ask questions at this time. You will understand very soon.

Change Your Breathing Habits during Sex. As old habits die hard, you have to practise this a number of times, accompanied by some sounds. This will after some time form a new habit, overriding the old habit of fast breathing. Take a deep breath, exhale all stale air from lungs, contracting abdominal muscles to squeeze out the last remnants. Inhale through the NOSE while making a buzzing sound, like that of a bee, with the inhalation. Retain for a few seconds (as long as comfortable; working toward longer retention with practice, but not forcing). Now exhale, through the MOUTH, making a humming sound. Focus your mind on the sounds during inhalation and exhalation. Each in-retain-out counts as one "cycle." Begin with five or so cycles, adding more with time and it becomes natural to you.

COMPLETE BREATH is the second basic that should be mastered. Most people breathe shallowly, You will not from now on. Promised ?

"Breath is Life. He who controls breath controls life." "When the breath is controlled, the mind is controlled." Prana Upanisad.

The most important thing in learning how to swim.........BREATHING !
Before you start with the exercises make sure that you are in a completely relaxed state. To reach this kind of deep relaxation there are different ways. You may take a bath, listen to calm or romantic music, do some yoga exercises, and DO THE BREATHING EXERCISES ABOVE.

The exercises will only be successful if you practice them in this relaxed state, as they require no great physical effort. On the contrary, it is more like caressing yourself (or your partner). It must give you a nice feeling. Don't think about any intention when practicing. IT'S PLAYING!!!
Actually you must learn to play with your body. Thats the secret of success. Never do any harsh action. Gradually you will learn how your sex muscles react to LESSER physical action. In the end you will be able to get acomplete Erection Control !
Merely by wanting it you decide about the length of time.
What's the point? Besides better orgasm control, the exercises can increase the enjoyment of your partner. If a man is in control of his ejaculation the joy for both is much greater. Also, contracting these sex muscles during vaginal or anal sex is often very pleasurable for your partner. By relaxing these muscles before orgasm a man is able to delay orgasm and continue sex for a longer period of time. By contracting the muscles during orgasm, many men are able to have multiple orgasms. During sex, both partners can contract and release their sex muscles to the delight of their partners. The sexmuscles can also make for slow and intense sex. During penetration, after foreplay, or in the middle of sex, try slowing down and experimenting with what is often called tantric sex. Don't engage in penile thrusting; with the penis inside the vagina or anus, concentrate on slow, synchronized breathing. This can be a very intense and loving experience. With the penis inside (remember no thrusting!), either partner can begin to slowly contract the sexmuscles. Try using the same rhythm as your breathing. This can be very physically exciting as well as provide a subtile way to connect with your partner. With strong sex muscles, it is possible for both men and women to orgasm in response to their partners movement of those muscles. It takes practice and communication between partners, but it sure will be a lot of fun.

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